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  1. sonia greyeyes says:

    If you could ,please remember our little branch here on the navajo rez.our branch is located in pinon.old cedar community…and also my husband Bruce Greyeyes could use all the suport in prayers as posable with his ministry…thax , sonia greyeyes #928-814-4145

  2. Duane Porter needs prayers because he is going to have an upper GI scope tomorrow along with lymph node biopsies. He has also had some medication troubles and needs our prayers. Also Gabe and Joy Anders’ son Derek needs prayers as well. His is 10 weeks old and has a serious heart condition. He is currently at Children’s Mercy and will be having heart surgery soon.

  3. Cynthia and I don’t know her last name, but she had a LIVER transplant on Nov. 8, 2012 and is still in the hospital. She lives in New Jersey, married and has 2 children. Cynthia is a first cousin to Duane Porter’s wife Cathy.
    Thank you, Maxine

  4. Judy Strahl is having surgery Monday on her leg, for a nerve injury. Please keep her in your prayers.

  5. Onedia Alley, Cathy (Duane) Porters mother went to emergency room, she was dehydrated and had a seizure. She is home now.

    Maxine’s friend and co-chair for county fair wants the ROBERTSON Family put on our prayer list.
    They live in Kansas City, Was having a birthday party and robbers broke in, One shot in head and killed,
    Three shot, in chest, arm & knee but will live. Took all their cell phones, money and so on, the police are tracking them from the cell phones.

  6. From Maxine:
    My granddaughter Susan Craig, that is Duane’s daughter has asked to put her husband Zeb on the list. He had his abdomen cat scanned and has to wait for results.
    He fears he has liver disease or something bad.

    My sister Yvonne Middleton, lives in TX. She fell Easter Sun. going up to her apartment. dislocated her hand and will have surgery for legiament damage between bones,
    but they have to heal infection in her leg before they can do surgery. She bruised her chin bad as well as hand and leg.

    Thank you for all the prayers on my behalf, the nurse said that my doctor would call me with results of the ultrasound by Wed. So I am waiting for results too.

  7. From Maxine Porter:
    Kay Perry has a prayer request;
    Sean has bacterial pneumonia. He went to the doctor Monday and the doctor put him on an antibiotic. He went back to the doctor today, because his fever went back up to 104 every time he got out of bed. The doctor did an x-ray today and said he has bacterial pneumonia – possibly from the fertilizer plant that blew up 60 miles from him. The doctor put him on bed rest today until at least Monday. Sean said he has lost 5 lbs already because he doesn’t feel like eating and he is out of fruit and that is the only thing that sound good.

    We are still down two people, so I don’t think I can even get time off until after the 15th or however long it takes to get the invoices done. Maxine can you send this to the rest of the family you have email address for?


    Maxine says:
    I went to the Dr. today and he is treating me for pneumonia too with 2 perscriptions. Also an eye drop every 4 hours for an infected eye, my right. I go in the morning (Thur. May 2) for a chest x=ray. I had a temp of 101, blood pressure was 149/78 and pulse 81. I feel terrible, stayed home from Prayer Service. Even got a catch or hurting in my right hip. Dr. said something about a shot, I sure hope I don’t go that far with it. The magnet belt helps to make it feel lots better and I can walk. I go back on Mon May f to see how I am doing. I have to eat yogurt with the medicine I take and I really don’t like it.

    The lilacs are ready to pick and give or sell, the church ladies are suppose to try and do something with them. What a time to get sick, this weekend is the 4-H BBQ. ”

    I guess what I want to say is pray for me too.

  8. Christopher Evans says:

    Please pray for my family and I. I presently need healing and spiritual strength. Thank you so very much!
    God Bless,
    Christopher Evans

  9. BARBARa says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY & FAST FOR COMPLETE, PERMANENT DELIVERANCE VERY QUICKLY FROM MAJOR ABANDONMENT ISSUES, LIFELONG DEPRESSION & ANXIETY.& FEAR OF LOVE & ESPECIALLY GETTING TO THE ROOT CAUSE. ALSO FOR EXACTLY THE RIGHT MEDICATION WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS. Also, that I truly forgive the people that abused me in the past and the men that abandoned me. And, for my son whose girlfriend broke up with him and he is sad (he has had some struggles with depression also)…:((( Also, for Greg to make the right decision about a job and home AND us. PLEASE leave US on the list permanently! THANK YOU SO MUCH! ALSO, FOR THOMAS, CHRISTOPHER , CYD, MICHAEL, TONY & ALISA

  10. Tiffany Smith says:

    My husband Amen (his name, he is not saved), bi polar and relapsed into synthetic marijuana (deadly poison not like marijuana at all) addiction and has been gone for two weeks. His addicted brother and Christian wife are letting him stay away from me at their home. Amen is faithful but I am asking for a hedge of protection against all opportunistic lady drug users he may encounter. Please Lord, take this battle from me and bind the people, drug dealers and the enemy from helping him destroy himself and our marriage and reject You as his Savior. Please saints send your righteous prayers in a chorus to heaven so God will hear my cry for help. I have been praying and worshipping nonstop and am starting to get worn down. I miss him so much and he has not called in two weeks. Please save him In Jesus’ name Lord and for me undefiled forever. Help us Lord Jesus! 8/24/14

  11. Christopher Evans says:

    I ask that you would please pray for my family and I. Due to our current financial situation, my wife Amy and I are presently needing to move and are looking for a home to rent for our family here in the Columbia area. If you by any chance hear of anyone wanting to rent (at least a 3 bedroom, and preferably under $600 a month) please let us know. Thank you so very much and God Bless!
    Christopher Evans

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