Class 15: Bringing it all together

Class 15: Bringing it all together
Caveat – Enos 1:36-39

Do we want to be the kind of people that respond readily or do we want to be the kind of people that require a lot of persuasion?  This is a choice that we make as individuals whether we realize it or not.


Questions to think about:

What did we learn during these classes?

How will we change and respond in the future?


Our classes

Class 1: Setting the Groundwork

We established the goals and direction of the class.


Class 2: The Nature of God

We learned about God and how knowledge of Him is necessary for repentance.


Class 3: Repentance

We learned that repentance is a conscious, positive response to an ever-increasing revelation of God.


Class 4: The Experience at Creston, Iowa

We learned how when a group of people truly dedicate themselves to God that He blesses them richly.  The three main things that they found assisted in their being blessed by the Lord were Prayer and Fasting, Tithing and Stewardship, and the Word of Wisdom, which were the following three classes.


Class 5: Prayer and Fasting

We learned how prayer and fasting is a necessary component of our life that establishes our communication with God allowing our relationship to grow and be strong.


Class 6: Tithing and Stewardship

We learned how being good stewards of what the Lord has given us is important and how being found faithful in our stewardship is rewarding.


Class 7: Word of Wisdom

We learned how following the Word of Wisdom provides many blessings and how the Lord always has a plan for us to live a better way of life.


Class 8: Plan for Spiritual Fitness

We discussed positive, concrete ways to become better servants and followers of Christ.


Class 9: What is Zion?

We defined the need for Zion, the purpose for Zion and how Zion is dependent on our spiritual condition.


Class 10: The Covenants

We discussed covenants found in the scriptures in particular the old and new covenants showing that the new covenant is perfect and everlasting.


Class 11: Fullness of the Gospel

The scriptures tell us that the fullness of the gospel is found in the scriptures and that it is the covenant that God established for us.


Class 12: Scattering of the People

We discussed the prophesies of when and how the people of Israel were to be scattered.


Class 13: Parable of the Olive Tree

We discussed the parable as found in the 3rd chapter of Jacob and how it relates to the covenant and the purpose of God throughout all time.  Also, this was used to show how the gathering of the people will take place.


Class 14: A Great and Marvelous Work

We discussed the work that has been brought forth in these the last days and how this will culminate in the establishment of Zion and the coming of Jesus.



In order for us to be unified, we first need to come unto Christ completely and establish our faith on this rock.  When we each draw closer to the Lord, our worship and experiences will become more fruitful and unity will be established more completely.  This will allow us to make a better and more spiritually strong branch and ultimately work together as a people to establish Zion on earth.  The main purpose of the classes was to inspire us to think about how we are each an integral part of this work and how we can make positive contributions through our diligence, dedication and service to the Lord.


All of the classes can be found on the church website at the following link:

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