Class 13: Parable of the Olive Tree

Class 13: Parable of the Olive Tree

Jacob 3:26-153

26-30 The purpose of the parable.

31-36 The tender branches begin to die.

37-39 New branches are broken off.

40-48 Wild olive branches are grafted in.  Original branches are burned.

50-57 Lord of the vineyard comes down to the vineyard.  Wild trees bring forth fruit.

58-71 The status of the wild fruit.

72-78 Return after a long time.  All trees have become corrupt

79-84 What to do with the tree?

85-103 What became of the natural branches?

104-108 Why did they become corrupt?

109-144 The original branches grafting back into the olive tree.

145-153 Result of grafting and the end.


Other mentions of the Olive Tree:

Romans 11:16-27

I Nephi 3:16-21

I Nephi 4:8-29

Jacob 4:1-7

DC 98:6-8 (not same parable, but a different one about olive trees and a vineyard.)


Things to ponder for next week:

What specific things do I want to know about the end times?

What should I be doing today to help the cause?

Study Guides used in class:

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