Class 12: Scattering of the People

Class 12: Scattering of the People

During the next several weeks, we will discuss both the scattering of Israel and the gathering.  This is a very involved and broad subject and will require outside study to have a better idea of what is involved.  I will seek to provide scriptures to guide our studies.

How many times were people scattered in the scriptures and what was the reason they were scattered?

Why is it important to study about the scattering and the gathering?

Tower of Babel

Genesis 11:1-6

Ether 1:7-11

Prophecy of being scattered

Blessings and the curses

Leviticus 26:14-39; Deuteronomy 28:58-68



Deuteronomy 4:24-28; 8:18-20; 11:16-17; 30:17-19; Joshua 23:16

I Kings 14:15-16; 22:17; II Chronicles 18:16 (Matthew 9:42)

Nehemiah 1:8; Psalms 44:11-14; 60:1



Isaiah 24:1-6

Jeremiah 3:12-13; 9:16; 10:18-22; 13:24-27; 18:17; 23:1-2; 29:16-19; 50:17

Ezekiel 5:1-13; 6:8-10; 12:14-16; 17:20-21; 20:22-33; 22:15; 34:5-6; 36:18-19

Zechariah 7:12-14; 13:7-8 (Matthew 26:28; Mark 14:28); Luke 23:32

I Nephi 3:16-18; 6:30; 7:6-12; II Nephi 1:22-24; 5:26-28; 7:11; 11:25; DC 45:2k-3:f


What order were the people scattered?

II Kings 17:15-24 – The Northern Kingdom or 10 tribes was destroyed by Assyria

II Kings 24:11-20 – Babylon carried off many people and made Zedekiah the king

I Nephi 1:3 – Lehi receives a vision in the first year of Zedekiah’s reign

II Kings 25:1-21 – During the ninth year of Zedekiah’s reign, Babylon came against Jerusalem and carried them away into Babylon a few years later.


Scattered branch remembered in the covenants

Genesis 50:24-36

II Nephi 12:80-87


Things to ponder for next week:

Is the gathering an important concept in the Old Testament?

How will the gathering take place?

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