Class 11: Fullness of the Gospel

Class 11: Fullness of the Gospel

Gospel means good tidings or news.  Fullness of the gospel would refer to the complete or total message.

DC 1:3-4

DC 45:4

Where can we find it?

DC 17:2c-g; 26:2a; 42:5a

When was it sent forth?

Revelation 14:6; DC 85:31a; 108:7a

DC 34:3e, 4e

DC 39:3e

DC 108:11a-b

If the fullness of the gospel was restored to the earth, what part was left out or changed?

Promise that everyone will hear?

DC 87:4

What is the Fullness of the Gospel?

Acts 2:37-39

I Timothy 3:16

Hebrews 6:1-3

II John 1:5-9

I Nephi 2:44-85 (Lehi’s vision)

I Nephi 3:37-256 (Nephi’s vision)

II Nephi 13:6-32

III Nephi 5:32-43

III Nephi 12:33-35

Moroni 8:28

DC 3:16-17

DC 32:2g-3e

DC 39:2

DC 66:1b

DC 76:3b


Things to ponder for next week:

How has God foreshadowed what will occur in the future in regards to the gathering?




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