Class 8: Plan for Spiritual Fitness

Class 8: Plan for Spiritual Fitness

The three things that were important for the people in Creston, IA were prayer and fasting, being faithful to the financial law, and adherence to the Word of Wisdom.

For each of these areas, we should ask ourselves where we stand and then where we want to be.

Prayer and Fasting
How often do I pray?
How do I want to see my prayer life increase and what expectations do I have?

Prayer journal
Blessings journal
Detailed prayer list
Prayer partners

How often do I fast?
How much more do I want to fast than I am now?

Fast one more meal per week than you have been
Fast for one full day each month

Financial Law and Stewardship
Have I been a good steward over my time and money?
How can I make more time for the Lord?

Make a financial accounting of your assets
Make a chart of how much time you spend on all of your activities

Word of Wisdom
Do I have a good understanding of what the Word of Wisdom is?
How can I be more informed about what the Lord intended in this revelation?

Study books written on the subject. For instance, The Word of Wisdom: Principle with Promise by B. Mildred Smith
Make some changes as our understandings increase

Scripture Study
How well do I know the scriptures? – Story of knowing the Bible
What can I do to remember God’s word?

Scripture Study
Read scriptures in a year
Memorize scriptures

July – 2006 (Verle Cornish)
Top Ten Tips for Spiritual Growth

I was scheduled to preach at the Summer Series in July of 2006. As I was driving home from Topeka, I asked the Lord, “What can I share tonight that will assist our people in preparing for Zion and to be able to qualify to participate in the coming endowment”. The following came to my mind.

1. Begin each day by spending the first fifteen minutes in praise and prayer to your Heavenly Father.

2. Spend fifteen minutes each day remembering and writing in a journal how God’s hand has been in your life and pray that God will give you a humble spirit.

3. Spend one hour each day feasting upon the words of Christ (that portion of the BM & HS that contain the words of Christ) and pray asking that God will teach you how to implement into action that upon which you have feasted.

4. Fast one meal each day spending at least thirty minutes each time focusing upon Christ.

5. Pray each day with all the energy of heart that God will bless you with charity even the pure love of Christ.

6. Make a list each week of five persons for whom you will specifically pray and call them during that week to tell them that you love them and that you are praying for them.

7. Make a list of all the persons with whom you have ought and begin to pray for them eventually approaching them to implement reconciliation.

8. Make a list of persons that you do not particularly like and pray for them asking God to reveal to you the good and positive potential He sees in them.

9. Do not say anything negative about anyone else and do not listen to gossip or negative statements about others.

10. Spend the last fifteen minutes of each day in praise and prayer to your Heavenly Father.

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